5 Lighting Tricks The Interior Designers Never Tell You!

5 Lighting Tricks The Interior Designers Never Tell You!



If there’s one simple thing that will transform a home, it’s lighting. And it’s a well-kept secret in the interior design circles. Despite it’s simplicity, good lighting is very, very difficult to achieve. But, it’s a crucial skill! Expert lighting tricks can make a room feel big and open. Or, it can make a cavernous space feel warm and intimate. We know, from experience, that if there’s a strict interior design budget, the experts always look to the lighting. It’s the best way to spend a small budget, and make a big impression. We managed to coax a few hidden secrets from the professionals, and we’re here to share them with you today.


  1. Layer lighting


Interior designers always use the rule of three, and it never fails! It’s the best way to avoid harsh lighting and shadows. It’s called layer lighting, and it works like this. First, choose a beautiful overhead light. Be careful here, and avoid anything too harsh or blinding. Use a good shade to keep the light warm. The second layer comes from well-placed task lights. These are things like lamps or spotlights under kitchen units. They’re the lights that have a specific task or function. Lastly, fill the room with ambient light to soften the glow. Candles and tasteful fair lights are a great way to add luxury to the home!


  1. Hide your lights


One of the best tricks we’ve learnt over the years is to hide the lights and embed them as part of the architecture. The kitchen is our favourite place to do this. You can use spot lights underneath the units for a powerful effect. It makes it look like the house itself is providing the light, giving it a more organic feel. You can also hide lights in the roof among exposed beams. It captures attention and provides a softer glow.


  1. Don’t forget about natural light


The best light source of all is, of course, the sun. Yet homemakers constantly forget to make the most of it. Nothing brings life to your home like the sun’s rays. It makes your house feel more open and natural. It helps reduce shadows and sharp lines. It lets the house breathe and take a fresher look. You can increase natural light by installing skylights or replacing doors with glass alternatives.


  1. Make a statement


Don’t just think of lighting as a functional part of the home. Use it to express your personality. Use chandeliers and candelabras to make a statement! Inject your character into the home with a unique lamp or light source. Think about lighting in a more aesthetic way.


  1. The technical details


Despite all the stylish details, there are one or two technical ideas to bear in mind. First of all, we strongly advise installing dimmer switches, especially in the living room and bedrooms. It’s also worth purchasing a lithonia battery and emergency lighting. If the power cuts out, you’ll thank yourself! Finally, invest in a variety of energy efficient light bulbs. They’re now much more effective than ever before, and provide a nice warm glow.


Follow this advice, and you’re well on your way to beautiful, functional lighting in the home! Just don’t tell anyone we told you the secrets!

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