5 Easy Steps To A Beautiful Rustic Kitchen

5 Easy Steps To A Beautiful Rustic Kitchen


Interior design styles tend to go in and out of fashion every year. But there’s one thing that never goes out of style. That’s the rustic kitchen. It’s a timeless and iconic design that still has so much room to grow and experiment. Inspired by the classic homestead kitchens, the rustic style is raw and organic. It’s aesthetically beautiful, warm, and cosy. It gives the heart of your home a country feel.


You often see people investing in modern, sleek, black kitchens these days. Personally, give me a classic Aga oven, butler sink, and exposed materials any day! Kitchens are a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a comfortable space. I recently took the opportunity to renovate my kitchen, and I went with a rustic feel throughout. Here’s how I achieved it.


  1. Exposed materials


Rustic style is all about getting back to the hard, raw materials that make the house. Although this sounds harsh and even ugly, it actually works incredibly well. Exposed bricks, timber and steel can have an inspiring effect in the kitchen. Try stripping away the existing plaster and find out what’s hiding underneath. Do the same with your floor. There might be a beautiful wooden floor waiting to be discovered.


  1. Contrast old with new


The trick to making sure your exposed materials work, is matching it with some new, modern features. Try exposed brick on one wall, but match it with a clean painted wall on the other side. Install a sleek stainless steel fridge to contrast the organic timber. It creates a powerful effect that seems to work every time.

5 Easy Steps To A Beautiful & Rustic Kitchen



  1. Hit the vintage markets


Rustic charm is all about adding character and personality to a room. This is where you can get really creative and adventurous. Now’s your chance to inject some colour and character into the room. My tip is to scour the vintage flea markets. Find the hidden gems that no-one else has discovered. That’s the best thing about rustic style. You’ll never find the same two kitchens!


  1. Soft furnishings


With all that exposed raw material, you need something to soften the room. It’s very easy to end up with too many harsh lines and sharp edges with the rustic style. Contrast it with soft furnishings at every opportunity. Start with a rug in the centre of the room. It will add a pop of colour, and look fantastic against a wooden floor. You can use tea towels, table runners, and cushions to add to the effect. Again, use your imagination, and inject a sense of character and charm into the room.


  1. Mismatched items


The best thing about creating a rustic kitchen is that you don’t need to be an expert interior designer. In fact, the more mismatched and haphazard your design, the better! Don’t be afraid to match strange colours and fabrics. It’s all about creating your own space, and not worrying about form!


These are the tricks I used to create my rustic style kitchen. Have you got any secrets of your own? Please share them with me in the comments!

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