5 Easy DIY Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

What puts you off from getting more involved with DIY? For most people, it’s the worry that you will make one giant mess of your home! I was the same before I started out, but honestly: practice makes perfect.


If you don’t get started, you will never improve. So, I thought I would give you some ideas that are easy to do, which will give you a lot more confidence in your abilities. Take your time, and see if there is anything here that will encourage you to embrace the DIY ethic. And remember: once you start, it is hard to look back!

5 Easy DIY Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

Andy Rogers


Accent Your Ceilings


First off, let’s get some painting underway. A lot of people are scared of making a mess in their favourite room, and they will leave it to the professionals, or just make do. But, there are some easy things you can try to give yourself some practice. First up, why not paint your ceiling with a bold and strong colour? It’s high up, so any little mistakes you make will be hard to see. But, in all honesty, if you use masking tape correctly you should have no problems at all.


Install Your Flooring


Bored with your old carpet and fancy a sharper new look in your room? Then why not install laminate flooring. It’s a big job, no doubt. But it is also hard to get wrong, and it will give you a lot of confidence to embrace more DIY. Take a look at the finishes you can get here – http://www.affordablecarpetandflooring.com/. Nothing is more satisfying than coming home, looking at your floors, and thinking; “I did that”.


Change Your Cupboard & Drawer Handles


This one is so easy that there are no excuses whatsoever. Head down to your local DIY store and find some cheap wooden handles. Then go to your old jewelry box and pick out some stones or brooches that you don’t use anymore. Then, it’s just a simple case of sticking them together with a strong bonding glue. Once you finish, you have an expensive looking finish to your cupboards and drawers! There’s an excellent guide to doing this here – http://www.lovelyetc.com/


Spruce up your air vents


All homes have air vents, and, inevitably, they end up looking filthy! There’s an easy fix, though. Just grab some masking tape and surround the areas next to the vent. Then pick up some metallic spray paint and some primer, and do your best job. Air vents are the last place you think about improving, but when they are dirty, it’s hard not to notice them. This simple DIY job will mean they look as good as new.


Upgrade your light switches


Modern light switches are ugly – but they are everywhere. The good news is that they are easy to jazz up. Measure your sockets, and head to your local craft store to find photo frames of a similar size. Then, all you need to do is paint them, and stick them to your walls to give your switches a stylish finish. It couldn’t be easier.


With any luck, you now have some inspiration for you to embrace the DIY ethic. These jobs are so easy, and will give your home a great finish. Let me know how you get on!


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