5 Different Kinds Of Living To Consider When It’s Time To Put Down Roots



Right now, it’s safe to say that you’re loving your way of life. Whether you’re on the road or on the water, you’re able to move about as you please. You have a home, but you don’t have a certain area that you also call home – and you’re cool with that. It can be super exciting to travel around and head to new locations, just because you can. And when your job is related to travel, it turns out to be quite convenient too. But, you may be thinking a little further ahead. And when you do, you may not be sure that you want to lead that nomadic lifestyle forever. And that’s cool too.


But it’s usually at this point that you wonder exactly what life would look like when you do settle down. Because you can’t always envision what it would be like when you’ve spent a long time on the go – or even what you’d want it to look like. But when you know you might want to put down some roots in the future, it’s definitely handy to know what kind of options you could have. So let’s take a look at some of the homes you could consider when the time comes.


Tiny Home



First of all, we’re going to think about something that we talk a lot about on here, and that’s the tiny house movement. Because this could be exactly what you need to keep your living minimal, and still be able to travel periodically.




One of the reasons for why living in a tiny house could appeal to you, is the size. When you’re used to living on the water, or in an RV, you’ve got enough room for sure, but you don’t have a lot of room. It’s not like you’re living in a mansion. So, if you were to then go and put down roots in a huge house, you may feel a bit lost and wonder how you’re going to fill it. In a tiny house, you’ll feel right at home.




We all know how expensive buying a house can be. It can often be another factor for why you’re currently living the way that you are. So when you do want to put down roots, you don’t always want to go and fork out a bunch more money. Tiny homes can be super affordable, which might win you over.




Your final consideration here is going to be about the location. Because you need to be able to build your tiny home legally, but at the same time do it in a location that suits your lifestyle. If you still plan to travel a lot, then you’re going to want to keep the costs down, which means building in a backyard could be a great idea.





Next, you may like to consider something completely different. Sometimes, you just need some land, a lot of fresh air, and something to put your mind to – and that’s what rural living can offer you.




A huge selling point of country life is the space. You’ve spent some time living in relatively close quarters. And while you’ve had a lot of freedom as a result of that, you may not like the idea of being cooped up when it comes to putting down roots. For this reason, you may want a lot of land to work with. Rural living is a great option for this.


Quality Of Life


A reason for why you may want to put down roots is to increase the quality of life that you have. Now, of course, when you’re on the road or water, you’re pretty happy. But if you have children, or are planning on having them, you may want to bring them up in one spot. While there’s plenty of places that can allow you a great quality of life in the US, you’ll find that small town living, especially if there’s a quick connection to a local city, is exactly what you need.




When you move out into a rural setting, you could think about getting a home and business in one. Ranches or farms are great for this. You just need to find something suitable, see here for details, and take a look. Because you may find that you want to create a life around your new rural living situation, and this kind of property can offer that.


Beach Front



When you’ve lived on the water for a long time, you don’t always want to move too far away from it. So if you’re someone that has lived that nomad life on the water, putting down some beachfront roots could be exactly what you need.


Coastal Choice


This great country has a lot of coastlines, so you’re going to want to make sure that you’re picking out the right place to live for you and your family. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to head to the California coast – but it would also be great if that’s what you want. There are lots of affordable beach towns you could live in, from Florida to Mississippi, so be sure to find a spot that suits your lifestyle.


Year Round Or Not


You may also want to decide whether you want to live there year round or not. You may even want to only put down roots for part of the year and go off traveling still. Or, you may find that you live in the home for eleven months of the year, and head out for the final one. This is something to keep in mind.


Retirement Thoughts


At the same time, you may also want to keep your retirement in mind – whether you’re getting close to it or not. There are plenty of great states to live in for retirement that offers a coastal setting, like Maine. So if you’re putting down permanent roots, this may be something worth considering.


Lake Front



If you’re not the beach-going kind, then that last idea may not have been something that you’d consider. But if you still want to be close to water, then a lake-front property could be exactly what you need.




As you might image, there are plenty of incredible lake spots dotted all around our fair country. So this could be a tough choice for you. But to narrow it down, take a look at these small lake towns that could offer exactly what you need. If you have family in a particular part of the country, this may help you to narrow things down too.


Private Or Community


Your next job is going to be to work out what kind of setup that you want. It may be the case that you’re to get a lakeside property that is a part of a community. This can often be cheaper. If you want your own private lake, then you will need to be prepared to pay more for it. But if this is what you want, it will be worth the investment.


Buy Or Build


You may also want to consider whether or not you’re going to buy or build your home. You may want to buy the land first – or the lake, shall we say – then look to build on it. Or you could look for a property that comes with a lake, or vice versa. These are just options, but you should work out what you want based on your budget and timescales requirements.


City Apartment



Okay, so we’re kind of finishing off with something that you may have been looking to avoid in the first place. But hear us out, because you may find that a city apartment is exactly what you need as a base.


Close To The Airport


It’s safe to say that most major cities are close to an airport. And if you’re intending on traveling a lot even when you have put down roots, then this is going to be something that is hugely important to you. Combined with the usual sizing of a city apartment (a.k.a. the minimal space), an apartment could offer you the perfect bridge between settling down permanently and still traveling part-time.


In The Middle Of Culture


Another huge plus to city life is that you’re going to be in the middle of culture. And as someone that has spent a lot of time traveling and taking in new sites and experiencing different things, we’re going to guess that this will be a huge selling feature for you. Going from that to small-town life may be too much of a change for you to begin with.


Easy Access To Other Areas


Finally, cities often give you a great link to other areas too. There are plenty of incredible cities to live in, and you’ll often hugely benefit by not being in the middle of nowhere. Because if you want to hop out to a small town for the weekend or even the beach, you’ll often find that both are not that far away from where you are.


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