5 Bright Colors to Boost Your Mood and Improve Your Interior Design

Have you ever been stumped on the colors to add to your home décor? There are SO many to choose from! However, bright colors have been known to brighten your mood and improve the overall appearance of your interior designs. Here are 5 bright colors that could add beauty and value to your interior décor [according to the advice of skilled, professional remodeling contractors].

Turquoise – To Heal and Refresh

The color turquoise, like the gemstone, promotes healing and refreshment. Rejuvenation is a big deal with this color, as the tone matches almost every kind of décor you could pair it with. You feel a sense of calm with this shade of blue-green, which complements suede furnishings and dark brown accents.

Coral – For Caring and Compassion

Considered a shade of red, coral reminds you of the natural wonders beneath the seas. Described as a more vibrant pink, the color stands for caring and compassion, with a tinge of gentle passion and subtle love. It pairs well with feminine accents, such as lace and pearls. But you can also complement the color with a touch of gold for a decadent, luxurious look that speaks volumes about your interior design sense.

Amethyst – For Friendship and Generosity

A tone of purple, amethyst was once described as an intoxicating color by Ancient Greeks. However, interior décor-wise, the color represents friendship and generosity, as the shade is more geared towards a subtle violet. It reminds many people of the last line of a vibrant rainbow, so it could be paired with other rainbow colors, like sunshine yellow and cerulean blue.

Ruby – To Empower and Energize

Deep red and absolutely passionate, ruby is a color meant to empower and energize. Rumored to be conducive to a degree of love and eroticism, this color is best reserved for a bedroom. Pair it with some silk sheets, pink candles, and heavy drapes for a luxurious love-palace look to appeal to any lover.

Emerald Green – Balance and Peace

This color has an innate lushness that reminds you of deep forests and hidden gemstones. The symbolism for emerald green is reflection, balance, and peace, since the color reflects the closest tones to nature. Most often seen in the leaves of trees, this tone would go well with sky blues or light bark browns. You could even throw in a radiant yellow vase or picture frame to symbolize the sunshine.

The aforementioned bright colors are simply 5 in a million different tones, shades, and hues. There is an abundance to choose from. So, even if you hate all of the suggested colors, you can still use this article as a guide to tones that will brighten your home and boost your mood.

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