4 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Your Garden

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Pets, pests, parasites and the public. They’re all obvious enemies to a lush and verdant garden and while these four should absolutely should be guarded against, by no means are they the only threat your garden faces. As vigilant as you may be against wild and domestic animals or the unhelpful littering habits of passers-by there are several more subtle threats of which gardeners may be not only unaware but in some cases they may find themselves unwilling accomplices. Whether your garden is large and sprawling or small and modest, whether it’s a place of arboreal beauty or a place to grow next week’s dinner these are the unexpected enemies that stand in the way of a beautiful and / or functional garden.


Poor planning


For some gardeners, especially those mapping out their first garden, a lack of planning can easily be their undoing. As tempting as it may be to roam the garden store like a kid in a candy shop loading up on seeds and going bananas (or, indeed turnips) it’s important to extensively research which ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables grow well together. Companion planting enables vegetable gardeners to grow complementary plants in the same bed without impeding each other’s growth while minimizing the risk caused by parasitic insects or diseases.


When planning the garden, the smart gardener involves their kids in the development of the gardening, delineating safe and no-go areas while ensuring that pets are unable to access areas of the garden which can easily be damaged.




A tree can be a beautiful addition to any garden, but they can ruin a garden just as easily. Tree gardening requires a different set of skills to most other types of gardening. Trees can grow out of control, casting shadows that impede the growth of grass and smaller plants. Their roots can choke the life out of other plants and your usual gardening activities can easily be harmful to your tree’s health. A tree surgeon will be your best ally in managing your trees. Check out https://www.treeservicegrapevine.net/ for an example of the kinds of services that you can expect a tree surgeon to offer. It’s important to ensure that your trees are healthy and well maintained to avoid a detrimental effect on your garden’s health.




Although fertilizers are a useful component in facilitating growth in the garden, it’s important to use it sparingly. Just because a little fertilizer is good, doesn’t mean that a lot is great. Many gardeners are unaware of just how damaging over use of commercial fertilizers can be (especially if the soil isn’t lacking nutrients in the first place). Use of natural compost or mulch is far preferable to these fertilizers in most cases.


Plants that are too mature


Vegetable plants that are already bedecked with produce may look appealing on the store shelf but an immature plant may be the better choice when it comes to growing a functional garden. The impressive produce on the tree probably won’t survive the journey home while a younger plant may not be as aesthetically appealing but it’s far more likely to bring you an impressive yield when the time comes.


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