4 Super Home-Safety Garden Tips



When you think of home safety, it’s likely that you consider all the small dangers which can occur within your home. Fall hazards, electrical issues and plumbing mishaps can all contribute to creating an unhealthy home space. However, the exterior of your home is just as important, and so making sure your garden is in top shape is an exercise in safety, as well as aesthetics. Over the winter months especially, gardens become neglected in their appearance, and so when spring comes around letting your children play there can be irresponsible until you’ve checked everything out.


But what should you check out?


We’d like to suggest the following:




Open gardens are a fixture of suburban or rural life, and so they must be treated with added caution. Clearly mark out the boundaries of your property so everyone, primarily your children, knows which perimeter to stay within. To efficiently plan this, consider installing a privacy fence, or at least a waist-high fence to prevent unruly pets from getting in and out. It’s not antisocial to desire your own private space, even if your garden will be one out of many cordoned off. There’s nothing safer for your garden than preventing it from being accessed by people or animals you haven’t invited.


Pool Edges


If you have a pool, a pond, or other water fixture, you need to be mindful of who can access it. A child falling into a pool shouldn’t have to rely on their swimming ability to prevent them from being harmed in that situation. It is up to you to adequately raise these parts of your garden or prevent them from being accessed with ease unless you are willing to watch your children like hawks every time they leave the house to play in your yard.


Assess Plants


Sometimes, poisonous berries can grow on the trees surrounding your garden depending on where they live, and eating them can be the first consideration of a curious child. On top of informing your child what is edible and what isn’t, it’s important to weed out or trim the plants interrupting your garden space with a potentially harmful experience.


Garden Debris


The debris of your garden can accumulate without you knowing. It might be chipping from the roof during heavy wind, it could be sharp objects as a result of construction to your home, or it could be splintered wood from any piece of garden equipment. A professional lawn service can help you with this when you’re improving and maintaining your garden, such as the reputable Brookside Lawn Service. Garden debris is potentially hazardous for your family, so it’s important to inspect your garden at least once a fortnight in the winter, and once a week in the summer.


Make sure you clear the garden of any unnecessary items in a dedicated storage container or shed. Make sure that clear, unimpeded paths exist around the yard. Make sure that plants aren’t overgrown and available for tripping on. Considering this will allow the experience of simply walking around the garden to be safe and free of any nasty surprises.


With these tips, your garden is sure to be a beautiful, secure and fun place to relax year round.


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