4 Core Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy

Our pet dogs are faithful, loyal, and relentless in their forgiveness. Dogs love their owners and their company, and will show that with their affection and duty. So really, we do owe it to our pets to show them love back, as we look for ways to keep them happy and healthy. Where do you start when it comes to your dogs health, though? There is a huge wealth of information out there, but there are just a few core things that you need to be doing, to ensure a happy and healthy pet. Here are just a few of them.

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Provide the Right Food


The importance of a good diet for us is important, and it isn’t any less important when it comes to your dog. All that they eat will affect their activity levels and mood. Not to mention how they feel and how they look. Their fur can fall out or lose it’s glossy shine, just like our hair can whe we eat badly. So make sure you are giving your dog the best food possible, that is designed for dogs. Too much ‘human’ food can have a detrimental effect. Raw foods can be good for dogs, as well as traditional dried dog foods. You could even look to make your own; just make sure the recipe is full of all of the right vitamins and minerals.


Take Care of Grooming


Just like we wouldn’t like to go days on end without having our hair washed or brushed, the same can be said of dogs (at least the brushed part anyway). So get a few things to help you keep your dog well groomed. Something to chew on is a great way for dogs to clean their teeth, which is all part of the grooming process. You could even look for the best toothpaste for dogs if you want to give their dental hygiene a boost. A few small grooming items can make a big difference to your dog.


Keep Them Busy


Along with the foods that you feed your dog, exercise is of paramount importance too. These two elements together, food and exercise, are the key things to a happy and healthy dog. Of course, some dogs will like more exercise than others, and will like to play more than others. So just gauge what your dog likes and it will really help. It can be a great time for the two of you to bond together too.


Use a Vet


You might not like to see a doctor or a dentist too often, but regular checks with a vet is what your dog will need. We don’t always see the signs for things with our dogs, and hey can’t let us know they feel unwell. But regular appointments at the vet can make a real difference.


Have you got any tips and tricks for making your dog the healthiest and happiest that they can be? It would be great to hear other stories and experience of what has or hasn’t worked.

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