3 Ways You Can Make Your House Stand Out And Be Stylish

Being normal is boring, no one wants to be normal! It’s the same with your home; you want it to be different, better than average! I’ve come up with three awesome ideas that can change your home and make it stand out.

3 Ways You Can Make Your House Stand Out And Be Stylish

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Spice Up The Walls

The walls in your house can often be left plain and boring. I know that I’ve had times where I look at the walls in a room and think there needs to be a change here. Often, if you’ve just moved into a new place, you’ll be left with the wallpaper of the previous owners. This means you’ve got wallpaper that could’ve been around for years and is outdated and old. So, my tip is to think about refreshing the wallpaper every once in awhile. Getting new wallpaper can liven up your house and make it seem brand new.


My other ‘wall tip’ would be to think about putting stuff on them. Hang up family photos in lovely picture frames, or maybe go for some artwork. Hanging up art can make your house seem a lot more classy and sophisticated. I enjoy having some contemporary art paintings hanging in my living room and hall, but you can choose your own style. I have them in the living room/hall because they’re the places guests are most likely to see. So, I like to appear classy and educated.


Use Different Styles

One tip that can make your house unique is utilizing different styles. What I mean by this is that you have a certain style or theme for certain rooms. Perhaps you could have a Japanese/Asian inspired theme for your living room. Using all the typical colours and themes associated with Asian culture. Then, for your bathroom you could go for something completely different to suit the room. Make it look like a rainforest or jungle! And, of course, style each bedroom individually, depending on who sleeps in there.


If you’re doing this with all the rooms in your house, then your home will become magnificent. Just walking through the house will be like a style journey to different places and cultures. Too often, people will just have the same style throughout the house. This is fine, but sometimes doing things differently can be an improvement!

3 Ways You Can Make Your House Stand Out & Be Stylish

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Consider The Exterior

If you truly want to make your house stand out then consider the exterior. Your house can be a design masterpiece on the inside, but may be lacking on the outside. People tend to neglect the exterior because they just forget about it and don’t think it’s important. I’d recommend you give the outside of your house a new lick of paint. You could even go for a completely different colour if you want to stand out further.


Also, think about maybe changing the tiles on your roof. Instead of boring old slate tiles, go for something new and modern, like zinc. Changing the way your exterior looks can have a huge impact on the style of your house. It can look fresh and stand out for all the good reasons.


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