3 Pet Photography Tips

Everyone loves their pets. No matter what kind of camera you have, photographing your pet can be a tricky tasks. Puppies and kittens love to run around. They never sit still and pose perfectly for their photographers. It takes a little more work to get the best shots. Here are some tips to help you catch some great shots.

1. Lighting

Lighting is extremely important to a photographer. It is easier to deal with when you are working with subjects that sit still. It is best to photograph your pet when there is plenty of light. Using flash in low-light situations can make the image look flat and unappealing. Try to photograph your pet in a well-lit room. Try for a west-facing room with lots of windows when the sun is about to set. Avoid using flash if you can, unless you have the proper flash equipment. The flash that typically comes built-in doesn’t make the greatest pictures. You can use lamps and reflectors to light up your pet with a more natural looking light. Try out different lamps or different times of day. You will start to notice the difference good lighting makes.

2. Focus

No matter what kind of camera you have, try to keep your pet’s eyes in focus. Not all shots require focused eyes of course. Many people enjoy some artistic shots with different focuses. For general portrait type purposes, keeping the eyes in focus is a must. You can have a perfect composition but unfocused eyes. Do your best to keep the eyes in focus.

3. Distractions

It can be more difficult to photograph your pet by yourself. Try having a friend help you out. Pets often get curious about the camera. They will wander up close and start sniffing. Use a zoom lens if one of available to you. Get your friend to play with your pet. Your pet can focus on play and you can focus on taking the pictures. I often have someone toss toys or a favorite treat around for my cat in a certain area. I also take a lot of pictures when it comes to action shots. It is more difficult to get that perfect jumping shot when you go for only one picture at a time. Go continuous to capture the whole jumping process. Another great idea is to catch your pet while they are sleeping. You can go crazy when your pet is flopped in bed all comfy.

About the Author: Andrea is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, a leader for Houston alarm companies.  Though she may write during the day, it is simply to free up her evenings to explore all things creative.

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