3 Excellent Extra Storage Ideas

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There are times when you need some extra storage. Perhaps you’ve filled everywhere you can or are just looking some extra ways to store things. It is at times like this when you could do with some extra storage, but you don’t always what to have to buy more bits of big, bulky furniture, so you want to make the best possible use of the space that you have available.


Under Bed


The underneath of your bed is probably being underused. Even if you keep a few things under there, you could probably be making use of it a lot better. There are special under bed drawers and storage baskets that fit snugly under there. They pull in and out with little effort, and you can store anything from extra clothes to books or DVDs. There really is little limit (except how big/tall the items are) on what you can keep under the bed. You might even want to invest in an ottoman bed which lifts up to reveal all of your under bed storage below. These can be great for both adults and kids, and they are excellent bits of extra storage that don’t take up any more floor space. If you don’t already use under bed storage, then you should seriously consider doing so.




Your closets are probably already full of clothes, and you don’t think that you can possibly fit anything else in there. You might be wrong, though. There are ways that you can have a customized closet so that you can fit even more clothes into the same space. This might be through adding extra shelves below your hanging clothes or through adding extra layers to your drawers. There are ways that you can make use of every possible inch of your closet and fit the maximum number of clothes into it. There is also on top of the closet where you could keep boxes or other things that can stack, too. Plus we haven’t even mentioned getting some hooks to hang on the side or over the closet door. These can be great additions that mean you can keep so many more things in, on and around your closet. There are a lot of options, so do whatever feels best for your specific type of closet.


Corner Fitting Storage


One of the best things that you can do its optimize your home’s floorspace that you are using. Replacing old storage options with corner fitting storage will mean that your rooms feel bigger and that your storage fits perfectly into the room. This might mean pushing a chest of drawers into the corner so that the draws open up parallel to the wall or buying some new corner specific shelving for the kitchen. If you can think of the type of storage you need, then there is probably a corner version that could save you space. They often provide a little extra storage as well since they make the best possible use of the corner.



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