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How to Survive a Power Outage

Image Credit   It seems that everyone is connected these days. With the advent of technology came an entirely new way for us all to live our lives. No longer did we have to sit around and figure out something to do together. Everything we ever could have possibly wanted was at our fingertips. Now, […]

Why Should You Install Shutters This Autumn?

Autumn is here and so is the cold weather. As a rule, I like to make a couple of interior design changes when a new season starts. So, being that summer has become autumn, I thought I would start with window shutters. Most of you probably think I am mad writing a post about window […]

The Key Benefits of Insulation for Homeowners

Have you still not got your home properly insulated? That’s a big mistake, and here’s what insulation could do for you!   A Warmer or Cooler Home   The whole point of insulating your home is to make a difference to the temperature of the home. This means that the insulation will work to keep […]

Want To Cut Down Using Your Car? Try My Weird And Wonderful Ideas

I’m always looking for great ways to save money. It occurred to me that one of the biggest expenses we have in life is running a car. Cars on their own costs thousands. But then you need to add the cost of the fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance. How much must all that come to? […]

Moving House Packing, Moving & Storing Like A Pro

Moving House: packing, moving and storing like a pro by Flexispace.

How To Avoid Problems When You Fall Behind On Your Bills

Chris Potter   I hear a lot about debt these days, and it makes me think how we are all just an event away – or maybe two – of facing serious financial trouble. It’s easy to look at people with bad debts and think it wouldn’t happen to you. But, we just don’t know […]

A Guide To Moving Long Distance With Your Family

If you have ever moved house, you will know just how stressful the moving process can be. Wherever you are moving to, packing up your home and transporting it to somewhere new is never going to be easy. However, if you are moving long distance, the process is doubly as stressful, as there are so […]

Gardening Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

file source   Gardens are an important part of your property. A great garden will add a lot to the resale value if you ever look to sell. And, the garden is a place to get away from life and relax for a while. Plus, the kids can spend time running around and enjoying life […]

Here’s How I Sort the Mess Of Home Renovations!

Let’s be honest, we all do home renovations occasionally, and clearing up after can be a nightmare. So, it’s important to think about how to deal with the mess and chaos. Whenever we do renovation work, there’s always a lot of rubbish, mess and clutter lying around. This can be a nuisance, especially as I’ve […]

Making Your Home Beautiful Again, My Tips

Pic Link   After a few years in a home, you do start to see the wear and tear. It hard to live in a home and not to make it look and feel a little lived in. This is a problem when it comes time to think about selling because buyers don’t want a […]

How I Live On A Budget And Afford More Luxuries

Trying to save money can be difficult and often leads to dire results. This can be a bother, particularly if you were hoping to scrounge enough funds together for a luxury holiday. I remember, when I was younger, I was living in a rented apartment and basically trying to keep costs low. But, I was […]

Tackling Rust on Your Wrought Iron

Tackling Rust on Your Wrought Iron The beauty of wrought iron is undeniable, but it’s slightly rough texture and sometimes-intricate designs means that it holds on to dust and dirt more than other materials. Therefore, your metal furniture might need a little TLC every now and then. Here’s how to remove the dirt and rust […]

Easy Ways To Make Your Car Safe For Your Baby

Picture from Flickr   Keeping your child safe is the utmost important thing any parent can do. It can be difficult at times, but there are measures you can take to ensure your baby is well protected at home and in your vehicle. It can be easy to forget to baby proof your car, but […]

How to Look after Your Home in all Seasons

Over the course of the year there are so many things we have to think about that we tend to put caring for our house at the bottom of the list. Realistically, our houses should always come first. They are a long term investment for us and our families. We should be taking the time […]

The Best Way to Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

Bad habits ruin lives. Whether you drink too much, smoke, or take drugs, eliminating these bad habits is the key to a healthy, happy life. It can be difficult. There are times you’ll want to give up. There may even be times when you relapse. The key is to never give in and always aim […]

Easy Eco-Friendly Home Decor

You might remember that back in August I shared a post about how my partner and I had been working hard to make our home more eco-friendly. Since we have finished making the initial updates, I thought I would share some tips for green decorating. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that green home decor […]

The Essential Guide to Christmas Decorations

It’s getting to about that time of year when we need to start thinking about decking the halls. I know, I know. You don’t want to hear it, but Christmas is once again fast approaching and bringing all the stresses of the holiday season with it. Where has this year gone?   Without a doubt, […]

The Simple Bliss of Carving Pumpkins

Halloween, or all hallows eve, is the one night out of the year where it is said that the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. Ghosts, goblins, and other fantastical creatures are said to freely walk the earth until sunrise the following morning. This idea gave rise to […]

Dollar Store Craft Shopping List Printable

One of my most popular posts is my Dollar Store Craft Shopping List. Every once in awhile I update it. I decided to make a printable shopping list so you can grab it and go! I didn’t add the notes and details, which can be found on the regular post. You can download the 8×10 […]

Want To Improve Your Home’s Privacy? Try Out My Practical Ideas!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not the sort of person that wants to live in a fortress of solitude! But, I do enjoy having a relative amount of privacy. Our homes are the one place we go to when we want to escape from the world. They make us feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.   […]