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Prepare Your Conservatory For Winter With These Amazing Ideas

Conservatories are an amazing invention, they really are. They not only add extra space to your home but also add value to the property. While conservatories are a great addition to any home, the downside is that they just don’t bear the brunt of cold weather.   Often, during the Winter months, sunrooms can become […]

Restore Your Sanity With My Favourite Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained

If you’ve got kids, then you have undoubtedly experienced many, many moments of a complete meltdown. And it’s not just the kids that have the meltdown either! But for those days when there doesn’t seem to be a moment of peace, you know you’ve got just to suck it up and go with it.   […]

Home Upgrades That Can Actively Improve Your Life

Source:   Modernising the home is something that all homeowners aim to do. Unfortunately, many have their priorities in the completely wrong order. A family home should serve as a way to enhance your lives. The sooner you appreciate this, instead of viewing the home as an investment, the sooner you’ll start to make the […]

How I Made My Home Stunning With These Steps For Great Curb Appeal

Curb appeal. I’ve spoken about it before, and I’m sure I’ll mention it again. It’s useful to think about your home with this phrase in mind, either when you are thinking about selling or just looking to improve the design. I often find my mind drifts back to curb appeal when I’m considering a home […]

How We Renovated Our Garage Last Year

My partner and I spent around two weeks renovating our garage last year. We wanted to create an area that was suitable for working, but also fine for the kids. So, we decided to split the garage into two halves. It was already a big space, and so there was more than enough room to […]

My Autumn Guide To Preparing Your Garden For Winter

photo credit   Summer is barely over, but I’m afraid it’s time to start thinking about those cold winter months. We’ve all made the most of warm summer days out in the garden, but Autumn is approaching. The leaves are falling from the trees, and conkers are making their first appearance of the year. If […]

Restyle Your Home From Top To Bottom With My Easy Tips

Thinking of restyling your home? You’re in the right place then because I do it all the time. I’m never happy looking at a house that hasn’t been renovated in years. But, where do you begin? Well, there are a number of different ways that you can redesign your home. Here are some of the […]

How to Make the Most of the Room in Your Home

Just because your home isn’t as vast and roomy as you’d like it to be, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to make the most of it. Give these tips a try.   Make the Home Bigger   Before you start to think about how you can make the most of the […]

My Dos And Don’ts Of Home Repair

Any avid reader of my blog will know how much I love DIY and improving or repairing my home. But even I have to draw the line somewhere. There are some home repairs you really should leave to the professionals. Others you can, of course, try yourself. Generally speaking, the ones you shouldn’t even try […]

Unexpected Home Repair Costs We Didn’t Consider Before Buying

Most readers will know that my family moved into a new home a while back. Indeed, I’ve written lots of design articles based on our experiences during the last year or so. However, I thought today would be a good time to release a post that details everything that went wrong. I’d like to say […]

Easy Ways to Update Your Garden in No Time

If you want to update your garden but you haven’t got a lot of time, there are plenty of things you can do to make it look better. Check out these easy ways to update your garden in no time:   Get Some New Ornaments   If you don’t have ornaments in your garden, you’re […]

Here’s How I Would Add Thousands To The Value Of My Home

As a homeowner, it’s lovely to sit back and enjoy your home. But regular maintenance is essential to retain its value. If you also look to refurbish or improve parts of your home, you could even add thousands to the value. A good looking home can be very appealing to a prospective buyer. Here are […]

Here’s What I’d Do To My Home If I Lived Off The Grid

Most of us rely on utility companies to supply energy to our homes. We also depend on other people to produce and package food for our daily consumption. While that’s all convenient, I can’t help but wonder if many of us know what to do if we had to live “off the grid.”   I […]

My Top Tips For Keeping Your Garden Looking Good Throughout The Winter

Just because winter is on the way, that doesn’t mean that your beautiful garden will go to ruin. Far too many of us make the mistake of thinking that during the winter, we can’t keep our gardens looking good when that’s not the case.   If you take the same care of your garden in […]

3 Ways You Can Make Your House Stand Out And Be Stylish

Being normal is boring, no one wants to be normal! It’s the same with your home; you want it to be different, better than average! I’ve come up with three awesome ideas that can change your home and make it stand out. (Image: Spice Up The Walls The walls in your house can often […]

Perfect Your Outside Space With These Incredible Ideas

No matter how much or how little outside space you have, we all want to make the most of it. If you are lucky enough to have some space outdoors, it’s important you can utilize it in the way you want. Planning a new garden takes time and takes a good budget too. There are […]

My Recommendations for Adding Value to Your Home

If you want to make improvements to your home, there are some major renovations that could up your property’s value. Even the ones that may not add a lot to the sale price can improve your enjoyment of your home a lot. You can make some significant changes that turn your house into somewhere completely […]

Ah, So This Is Property Flipping!

Image Source   So, recently I’ve been having conversations with a friend who has been investing in property. Has it been a lucrative business? Apparently yes, they claim they have made a good deal of profit off it. I was tempting to ask how they did for myself. After all, it never hurts to have […]

Flooding is a Menace, and I Don’t Let it Ruin My Home

There’s no doubt that as homeowners flooding is one of the biggest problems we face. Flooding in your home can result in thousands of pounds worth of damage. You might see possessions ruined, and whole lives can be destroyed. Many people who experience flood damage are forced to completely refurbish their homes afterwards. And this […]

5 Easy Steps To A Beautiful Rustic Kitchen

credit   Interior design styles tend to go in and out of fashion every year. But there’s one thing that never goes out of style. That’s the rustic kitchen. It’s a timeless and iconic design that still has so much room to grow and experiment. Inspired by the classic homestead kitchens, the rustic style is […]