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Crucial Signs That You Need A New AC System

Flickr Photo   As the summer comes, everyone is worrying about whether their AC will do for another year. It is always important that you maintain your home the best way you can. That means that you need to notice when things need changing. If you are oblivious to the possible signs of a problem, […]

How to Give Your Bedroom a Touch of Luxury

Breathing new life and a few touches of luxury into your bedroom might not be as difficult as you think. Here’s how you can make your bedroom more luxurious.   Get Rid of Clutter   A room won’t feel luxurious if it’s full of clutter and useless items. So, the first step you need to […]

6 Bad Habits Effecting Your Health!

We all have some bad habits. Even if it’s something as simple as leaving the light on downstairs. Sometimes, however, bad habits can be bad for our health. Have a look at some of the worst habits that could be hurting your health:     Smoking     (Image from geralt   Possibly the […]

4 Jobs That You Should Leave To The Professionals

Everybody loves a spot of DIY around the house – there is something very liberating about doing things for ourselves and getting our hands dirty. From the very basic like replacing a washer, to the slightly more complicated and involved like insulating the attic. There is a DIYer in all of us. That said, there […]

9 Easy Tricks To Spruce Up Your Home For Summer

image source   Summer is so close we can smell it! The scent of freshly cut grass and the summer haze is nearly upon us. We’ve finally made it through the cold, dark, and grey months and come out the other side. As we race into June and July, it’s time to take a long, […]

Four Great Ways To Maintain Your Home

                                                            Picture source   There is nothing worse than a home that isn’t in good shape. The last thing you want is to come home after a hard day in the office to a kitchen full of dirty dishes because you just want to relax. But maintaining your house isn’t just about keeping it clean and […]

DIY Or Leave It To The Pros: How To Decide

picture source   Everyone has been there. A part of the house is broken and you want to unsheathe the hammer and drill and fix it on your own. There is a sense of pride and achievement that you cannot replicate when you do a bit of DIY. In today’s society, it is proof you […]

4 DIY No-Go Areas You Should Leave To The Pros

Image Credit   In writing this blog, I’ve come across some impressive DIY ideas that almost anybody can do with the right mindset and a dash of creativity. But, there are some things you just shouldn’t mess with! There are a lot of dangers in the modern home that can cause serious accidents, and  I […]

Why Moving House Doesn’t Need to Be Daunting

  Photo credit   Many of us can’t bear the thought of moving home. There’s the issue of finding a property, selling the one you’re already in, and not to forget the actual move itself. They say that moving home is one of the most stressful life events, but it doesn’t have to be. There […]

What’s the Greenest Way to Heat Your Home?

Green issues are becoming bigger and bigger, so we all need to be looking for newer and greener way to heat our homes. Here’s how you can do it.   Make Your Current Appliances More Efficient   Old, failing or damaged equipment will use up a lot more energy than those that are new and […]

Could You Give Up Your Car To Save Money And Get Fit?

Cars are very expensive to run. We all wish we could use them a little less in our lives. There are just too many reasons why we use the car instead of walking, cycling or taking public transport. However, with a little bit of extra forward planning, and some clever accessories, you may be able […]

Essential Guide To Homeowner Repair Horrors

  Owning your own home buys you so much freedom. You can live the lifestyle you want and decorate the home in any style that suits you. You can also make structural changes to the building, landscape the garden, and even build a shed. Of course, owning a home comes with a great deal of […]

Capture the Moment Book Review (All proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House Charities!)

Just look at this book cover! This book by Clickin Moms is an in-depth (245 page) and detailed guide to finding beauty in everyday life with photography. There is photo inspiration, guides, and exercises for all light conditions and skill levels. Every page has beautiful examples and each photo tells a story. I’m definitely using […]

How To Renovate Your Home The Easy Way

If you’ve been reading my blog during the last few weeks, you will know that I’m a keen DIY enthusiast. However, even I wouldn’t want to handle the job of renovating a property alone. There are just some things that are far too ambitious, and that would take far too much time. With that in […]

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Home Invasion

Coming home to find that you’ve been a victim of a home invasion is one of the most frightening and stressful things you ever experience. Here’s what to do in the aftermath.   Call the Police   The very first thing you should do if you arrive home and find that your home has been […]

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer (how to preserve flowers)

    How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer [Infographic] by the team at Serenata Flowers  

Where Are You Vacationing This Summer?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. All opinions are 100% mine. Now that it’s finally getting warmer out, it’s time to start thinking about summer vacations. I don’t know about you, but as much as I love the local beach (which for us is often […]

A guide to duvets and comforters for the tired and confused

A guide to duvets and comforters for the tired and confused It may not be an everyday decision, but choosing bedding is perhaps more complicated than it may appear at first sight. This is definitely the case when you consider how terminology varies from country to country, or even from one region to another. Take for instance […]

Bell Pepper Ingredient Substitutions

We don’t really like bell peppers around here. Not only are we not big fans of the taste, we don’t like spice, and we also get indigestion or upset bellies from eating both onions and peppers. Unfortunately, there are so many recipes that call for both onions and peppers. Depending on the recipe, there are […]

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

Ingredients Pastry for a 2 crust pie 1/2 cup granulated sugar (use a little more if apples are not juicy) 1/8 cup all-purpose flour 1/8 tsp. salt 3/4 tsp. cinnamon 1 tbsp. butter 1 tsp. lemon juice 5 cups apples, sliced (about 10 – 12 med. size apples) 1 egg, lightly beaten Directions Combine the […]