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Thinking About Getting Lip Enhancement? Have A Read Of This!

For the past few years, lip enhancement has become more and more popular with women (and even some men) across the world. However, along with the rise in popularity of lip enhancements there has also been some backlash against them.   Most of this backlash stems from women who have gone a little over the […]

Phenomenal Security Tips to Make Your Home Safer

As a homeowner, it’s important to make sure you take steps to keep your home safe and secure. You want to look after yourself and your family and keep them safe. Unfortunately in the world we live in there are people without morals. These kinds of people are the sort who might attempt to break […]

Elementary Sewing Skills Book Review

Elementary Sewing Skills by Carolyn N K Denham My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is a must-have resource for any budding sewer. I am in the process of learning how to use my sewing machine, past the very basics of straight hemming. This guide has drawn diagrams for everything you could want to do, […]

Funky Ways You’ve Never Thought of to Fix Up Your Home

Image Source   Doing work on the home is something that needs to be done on an annual basis. You might not enjoy it, but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to do it. The trouble is it’s often difficult to know where to begin. There are so many areas of the home, […]

Dr. Oz’s Pina’s Piña Colada {healthified skinny recipe}

Can coconut oil help prevent aging? Coconut oil does have antioxidants and healthy fats that help stop damage to skin (and other) tissue and also helps to lock in moisture. The oxidation process in coconut oil helps prevent cardiovascular problems and aging, among other things. the need for antioxidant intake. How can I use coconut […]

Greener Home Improvement Techniques

These days it pays to embrace greener living. Saving the environment is no longer something greeted with scepticism. Instead, it’s something that seems to be embraced all over the world. With more people taking steps to make sure they look after planet Earth newer techniques have become available. You might already observe many eco-friendly forms […]

Should You Purchase A Second Home In America?

Most women would agree that dealing with the upkeep of one property is more than enough work. However, lots of people have decided to purchase a second home in America during the last few years, and it seems they have varying reasons for making the move. In today’s post, we want to look at the […]

Funky DIY Jobs You Need to be Able to do Around the Home

DIY is an important part of being a homeowner. You need to have basic DIY skills as part of your life skills. It’s important to be practical and be able to fix things and put things together. Not enough people these days have basic DIY skills. It saves you time and money by learning these […]

Is Now the Time to Downsize Your Home?

Downsizing is not something that many of us think about. But, there have been some key trends in the US with people doing this. In years gone by, many people used to downsize when their children had flew the nest. Recent studies have shown that younger people are choosing to sell their current homes. What’s […]

Felting Fabulous Flowers: 30 stunning designs {book review}

  I really enjoyed this book on felting flowers. It covers flowers sorted by color (red, blue, etc) and has techniques for wet felting or needle felting. I just ordered a kit on needle felting and can’t wait to give these a go, may put a “bouquet” in a mason jar for Spring decor! If […]

Knit Nordic Book Review

Knit Nordic: 20 contemporary accessories inspired by 4 traditional sweater patterns by Eline Oftedal My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is an interesting nordic project book that gives a detailed background on Nordic life and has really pretty patterns that aren’t just relegated to sweater. There are cozies, accessories, and home decor projects as […]

Smarten Up Your Home With these Top Tips!

There’s never a bad time to smarten up your home. Whether you want to focus on the interior or exterior, I have some top tips for you. Read on if you’d like to spruce up your living quarters to impress all who enter…   Pave Your Driveway   There’s nothing nicer than a freshly paved […]

Annoying Issues in Your Home and How to Address Them

Everybody will experience annoying issues in their home on a daily or weekly basis. You know the kind I’m talking about. Those pesky little issues that irritate and aggravate you. They’re not major problems, and they’re not exactly going to bring your house to ruin. But they bug you all the same. These kinds of […]

Home Improvements Are a No-brainer with These Money Saving Ideas

Sometimes you have to spend a little money to save money. That’s the case around the home, where some home improvements might cost you a little, but they’ll save you more in the long-term. Many of ways you can save money by fixing up your home help you save energy and water, so you reduce […]

Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Quickly By Following These Amazing Tips

Is spring cleaning something that you dread? Does the idea of hoovering, dusting and clearing out old clutter make you groan? I know the feeling all too well.   Spring cleaning can seem like a massive chore, especially when your house looks like a bomb has hit it. Old clutter everywhere, dust on every surface […]

Own Your Own Home? Essential Checks To Keep You Safe

If you own your own home, you may live in a state of constant worry about keeping it in good shape. Every year, we face repair or maintenance bills to keep the building in good condition and to keep us safe, warm and dry. Often we find these bills can get very expensive, especially for […]

Small Changes in the Home That Make a Big Difference

Making a big difference to your bank balance doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact, there are multiple things you can do in your home that will take hardly any effort. The following small changes are some of the best you can make in order to save money! Turn off Radiators in Rooms You […]

How to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs – 2 Easy Ways {Cooking Hack}

  Post by Food. Another way is to add baking soda to the water when boiling eggs, then it lowers the pH and prevents the shell from sticking to the egg. Yay science!

How to Curl Your Hair with Only Foil and a Flat Iron

 This video is really cool. It’s a quick tutorial on how to curl your hair with just foil and a flat iron. Pretty much anyone can do it with any length of hair, and you can adjust the curls to your preference by wrapping around more or less fingers. Let me know how it works […]

Inspired Spring Decor: Getting Your Home and Garden Ready For the New Season

Spring is often the time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. But, how can this be done? There are some great ways that you can make your home a bastion of spring-inspiration. When it comes to your home and garden, it’s going to need a mini facelift now that winter […]