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RumChata Cheesecake Pudding Shots Recipe

Rum Chata cheesecake Pudding Shots Servings: 12 Prep: 5 Min Cook Time: 2 hours Ingredients 1 pkg instant cheesecake pudding mix 3/4 c milk 3/4 c rum chata rum 1 pkg 8 oz. cool whip topping Directions 1. Mix together cheesecake pudding mix with the milk. Add the rum and mix well.   2. Fold in the cool whip and mix […]

Free How to Crochet eBook – 3-28-14

My sister site, FreeBookster, lists free ebooks daily. One of today’s free ebooks is a book I thought I’d share – a free ebook on How to Crochet. This offer won’t last long, most are only 24 hours.  Check out FreeBookster for other awesome free ebooks, both fiction and nonfiction!

Friday Pin Fest Link Party {co-hosting}

Welcome baaaaack! I’m so excited to see what you’ve been working on. Seriously you all, I don’t have to go far to plan a dinner party or craft ideas anymore, all I have to do is look at the weekly party posts. That is so awesome! Thank you for always bringing your best to this […]


    This is a sponsored post, however all opinions and stories are 100% mine.I have suffered from sinus problems since I was 12 years old. Not only do I suffer from recurrent sinus infections, but I also have year round allergies and a slightly deviated septum. These sinus infections prevented me from doing many […]

Get the Living Room of Your Dreams in 7 Simple Steps

Every five years or so, our rooms start to look a little dull and tired. This is in a big way thanks to the fading colours of our decor. Ceilings don’t look as white as they did, and gloss paint on the woodwork loses its shine and begins to yellow. flickr link   Yes, that […]

Friday Pin Fest Link Party {co-hosting}

Hi there, welcome to Friday Pin Fest! I’m so excited to see what you have for us today so without further ado, let’s get this party going!  [Interested in Co Hosting? Send Alma an e-mail!]

Upgrade Your Home Without going Broke

Home improvement projects are launched for a variety of underlying reasons, prompting families to undertake a wide swath of renovation projects.  For some, adding value to their homes, perhaps preparing them for sale, is a primary motivator for tackling remodeling projects.  For others, with changing family needs, making the home function more efficiently is tops […]

Friday Pin Fest Link Party {co-hosting}

Hello & Welcome! Welcome friends!  I know you have some great content ready for us so let’s check out our features and get this party going! Don’t forget to mingle with the wonderful bloggers who link up. It’s what makes the party fun! Also, if you pin the features, please pin from the original source. […]

Finding Footwear That Will Keep You on Your Feet

From retail and health care to hospitality and industrial occupations many people spend an overwhelming amount of time at work on their feet. The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists estimates that over an average lifetime you will travel the equivalent of about five times around the earth. Those who work on their feet face additional […]

How To Make Your Home More Enticing For Buyers – 6 Simple Tips

Though it spent the majority of the first years of the 21st century in an almost unstoppable decline, the real estate market is finally now starting to gain traction and show signs of recovery. It’s been estimated that the selling prices of homes nationwide across the United Sates have risen almost 1.2% in the last couple […]

5 Tips To Ensure Your Furniture Fits in With Any Interior Colour Scheme

Are you considering a complete living room revamp? Every five years or so we are faced with the prospect of redecoration, as our existing room scheme begins to look a little dull, and tired. There is a lot to think about when upgrading your living room. Are you going to tackle a new lighting scheme […]

How to pack up your home: the easy way

Ok, so moving house is always going to be stressful. We often find ourselves head to toe in paperwork and that’s without the worry about how we are going to move our life in a few cardboard boxes. Well let me share a few tips, there is an easy way to do this. Clothes, shoes, […]

Friday Pin Fest Link Up Blog Party {co-hosting}

Hello & Welcome! Welcome to #FridayPinFest! Well you all are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Every week your entries get more and more amazing! Beautiful pinnable content is coming in left and right and I am just excited to see what you come up with every week. Keep up the great job! Let’s welcome March with our newest co-hosts […]

Transform Outdated Brick Fireplace with DIY Paint Kit

Old-fashioned fireplaces add plenty of character to a house. Brick fireplaces are usually located in the living room of older homes. A beautiful fireplace can create a warm and charming atmosphere that improves the look of a home, but some brick fireplaces need a makeover in order to reach their full potential. In most cases, […]

Constructing your Dream Home: Most Important Factors to Consider

Building a new home is both exciting and expensive. Novice home buyers often think that purchasing a new home is smarter and more cost efficient that buying a used home. However, it is important to note that a new house’s maintenance costs should be considered before consulting one of your city’s esteemed luxury builders. It […]

Easy Craft Ideas to Make if Your a Craft Newbie

Are you finding that you have more time on your hand during the day just lately? Maybe the children are at school, and you find yourself at a loose end. Crafting has become big business these days with a chain of large stores opening up and down the country. Craft fairs are held in community […]

The Dresses Worn By All The Best Actress Oscar Winners

I saw this infographic floating around and just had to share it’s awesomeness!