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Mom’s Love Mombo!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you tried out the mombo nursing pillow, made by Pinehurst? Not only does it add to nursery decor, it makes nursing your little one a much more comfortable experience. You can also get a cover […]

Take Care of Your Furbaby with Vectra

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vectra flea & tick control for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I love my furbaby, Ralphie. He is a 2 year old Chihuahua that I love more than most people (shh, don’t tell anyone!) I do not want ANYTHING bad to happen to […]

6 Reasons Why Having A Dog Makes You Healthier

It is a well-known fact that dogs are instant mood lifters. I can vouch for that. My dog is the best at making me smile after a stressful day. I’m such a dog fanatic that really any dog can make me smile. They’re just so cute and fluffy! How can you not love them? Dogs […]

DIY Basics: Guide to Types of Chain

Check out Design Thrift’s Guide to different types of chain!

How to Make Silicone Molds {diy}

If you make your own silicone molds, you can save a ton of money, not to mention create a mold of practically anything. My example is a mold of a basketball button. It is super easy to do and one package (usually $20 or a little less) can make tons of molds. I used a […]

Bedroom Area Rug Sizes {Buying Guide}

I stumbled upon this amazing website that has sketches and measurements so you know the best size area rug to buy based on the size of your bed. I am going to include links to different sizes for your shopping glory! 1. Twin Beds / 2. Double Bed / 3. Queen Bed / 4. King […]

Needlepoint Nails Tutorial

Here is an awesome cross stitch nail art tutorial for us fiber art lovers!  

Tips for Customizing T Shirts at Home

To personalize a dull, old T-shirt and to adorn it with a bit of flare, one can employ an assortment of techniques and options, depending on the look one is aiming to achieve. Turn it into something chic, perhaps trendy, or even sultry, something elegantly ą la mode or simply modest. Alter the neckline, sides, […]

Fashion for Tweens

Today’s kids are growing up fast and with ready access to numerous TV channels and the internet they themselves are becoming more and more fashion aware. Images of celebrities in the latest designer styles are everywhere and our youngsters are turning into little fashionistas at an earlier and earlier age. There is nothing wrong with […]

The Five Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone has done it at some point. You were out shopping, you spotted an in-store demonstration which caught your eye and you found yourself snapping up this ‘once in a lifetime’ offer. You take it home, look around your beautiful kitchen and wonder where on Earth this new gadget is going to go, or indeed […]

Discover the Health Benefits of Walking

Several years before shoe giants exploited the marketing angle that shoes are important part of the health and wellness of the consumers, the Rockport brand was already committed to understanding the benefits derived from walking. One of the most influential persons in the development of Rockport products was Mr. Sweetgall. He lost several members of […]

Wedding Is A Special Day – Make It More Special By Looking Perfect!

Wedding day is the most important day in anybody’s life. On this day the bride wants to look the most beautiful and the groom wants to look most handsome. But generally with wedding bells ringing there are many stress triggers involved and so if you want to look perfect by eliminating stress then Day Spa […]

Crochet Colorblock Rhinestone Bangle Tutorial

I recently posted a rhinestone bangle tutorial I crocheted with a promise of a tutorial to follow. Embroidery floss has become really popular in jewelry lately, but I love to add a crocheted twist to things as crochet was my first crafting love. Well here it is: All you need is some embroidery floss, the […]

Super Easy Rhinestone Bangle {DIY}

  This is a super easy base tutorial on how to make a rhinestone bangle. I am going to build onto it in my next tutorial to make a crocheted color block rhinestone bangle. I made a post a while back putting on in my etsy shop. But there are so many things you can do with this. […]

DIY Cross Stitched Sunglasses

Check out these embroidered sunglasses! Cross stitch a pattern onto them. Way cool!

Baby Clothes: Shopping the Best for Your Baby

When you have a baby, you always think of providing the best for him/her that you can afford. When it comes to picking out baby clothes, here are some tips and pointers that will definitely help you. Baby clothes should be durable enough. Babies tend to soil their clothes frequently. So, the clothes need a […]

Interior Decorating: Things You Should Never Do

When decorating a space in your home, it can be a little overwhelming with all the rules and tips to go by. Well, truth is, decorate however you want to decorate! However, just in case you want to maintain a good “flow” of your room, here are some things you should never do. Never choose […]

Exercises Celebrities Swear By

Unfortunately for celebrities, talent is not the only thing that puts them in the limelight. A buff body is a big part of the package and it’s never hurt any celebrity. We’ve listed a few celebrities most loved exercises. Attaining Usher’s Washboard Abs Usher’s daily 1,000 crunches. Yes, it’s a thousand! This is, of course, very difficult to […]

Men’s Wear and Accessories

For both men and women the fashion and trends keep marking the choice. Belonging to any sector of business or industry the need of fashion and adaptation of new trends is important for personality survival. What’s in and what’s out The trends of fashion and clothing are based on what is new. Every customer wants […]

Give Your House a Holiday While You Search Out Some Sun

OK, it’s time to admit it, this summer is not shaping up the way it should. And with ‘arctic conditions’ forecast for June, most of us are going to have to get on a plane to find some well earned sun. But while you are sorting out your passport and your luggage allowance for your […]