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A Short History of Screen Printing

While many of us would like to give credit to our favorite pop artist Andy Warhol for popularizing screen printing among the creative minded, it was actually a stenciling technique developed over 1000 years ago in the midst of the Song Dynasty, China, which brought about this widespread design creating method. It was the availability […]

Getting the Most out of your Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer ink is expensive. Over time ink costs can dwarf the original cost of the printer. Every time you have to purchase more ink you take a hit to your wallet. Then before you know it, the printer is telling you you’re low on ink again. Below are a few tips for the savvy consumer […]

Updating My Etsy Shop

I have been adding a ton of jewelry that I am proud to share to my Etsy shop. In addition, I have decided to open a separate jewelry supply shop, as I have SO many extra supplies that I hate to have lying around. After some vigorous research, I decided to give GoodSmiths a try […]

The Fashion Of Michael Kors Handbags

Handbags are often one of the most prized possessions in a woman’s closet. We just love them, and for many more reasons than the convenience of holding all our stuff. Fashion statements are made by carrying a really trendy designer bag, they reflect our tastes, our personality, they match our outfits and women can spend […]

Learn How To Look Your Best With These Tips

Our image is constantly being reshaped. Being fashionable has positive benefits, not the least of which is impressing people you want to impress. Read further to learn more. Keep belts around for utility and fashion. If your pants are loose due to weight fluctuation, you need to use something to keep them from slipping when […]

Tips for Staying Healthy and Busy

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that can attest to sitting at my desk and glancing at the clock only to see that is almost seven in the evening and I have no plans and really no energy to cook dinner. Today, employees may have to work longer hours, more shifts, more days, […]

From Frumpy To Fashionable: Great Style Tips That You Can Use

Fashion knowledge can influence many aspects of your life. Although some don’t want to own up to the truth, the way out clothes look plays a major role in our self confidence. The following paragraphs contain a number of basic fashion ideas that practically anyone can use. Sometimes hair looks great in a simple, casual […]

Sew It or Glue It?

A Pair & A Spare has an awesome guide on when you should use glue versus when you should sew. It goes into a lot of detail and takes into consideration things such as your sewing skills, fabric types, etc. Check it out!

Design Your Own Afghan Pattern {diy}

Lion Brand has come out with this nifty tool to create your own afghan pattern in which colors you choose and email it to yourself. Really cool tool if you wanna play with different color combinations and styles before buying the yarn. Would be awesome if they added it to their other big afghan patterns […]