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Crochet Bow Pattern Roundup

New Color Block Purse ~Thrifty Find!

Can you believe my luck? I found this AWESOME color block purse at the thrift store. It was $4, but today was half off day, making it $2!! Woohoo. I am on a color block kick and just had to share this. Think it’s worth $2??

Buttons Galore!

I don’t know about you, but I have an unhealthy addiction to buttons. I even have a dedicated Buttons Pinterest Board. Well, I was just tickled pink to discover a bag full of random buttons at Michaels for just $4.99. Here I am playing with my new toys! I have decided to test my new […]

Giveaway Winner and Sparkly Hair!

Random, I know. I have been slacking with my updates and shipping as my baby boy Chihuahua, Ralphie, has been super sick. We got him fixed, and I thought it would be easy peasy, but he did not do well at all. He wouldn’t eat, drink, and was peeing himself. He was biting his stitches […]

Bronze Bow Necklace and Earrings

I made these adorable antique bronze bow necklace and matching earrings. They feature a glass ivory pearl and the bows are bronze mesh. I put them up in my etsy shop, and a tutorial is soon to follow. I was just so excited and playing with new photo software that I decided to show them […]

$5,000 Yard Makeover Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you been to Curbside Chaos yet? You better quickly get there and enter into their $5,000 yard makeover, ending April 15, 2012. The contest, Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. is a promotional effort that […]

Free Domestic eBooks 4/10/12

Free and Discounted Kindle Books and Games: Free Domestic eBooks 4/10/12: As always… check to make sure they’re still free! Digital List Price: $5.99 Kindle Price: $0.00 includes free wireless delivery via Am… Check out my Etsy Shop!

Spring 2012 Lip Colors for ALL Skin Tones

The Beauty Department’s Spring 2012 Lip Guide Loving this guide for Spring 2012 lip colors for all skin tones. I’m usually not a huge lipstick wearer, but for my tan skin, these are definitely do-able and not too dramatic! Check out my Etsy Shop!

Hanging Chains Headband

I just came across this AMAZING DIY for a hanging chains headband from …love Maegan, and had to share right away. I am totally making myself a shorter version of this, as my hair is cut in a bob at the moment. She is brilliant! I will post mine as soon as it’s done. I […]

5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite T-Shirt in a Stylish Way

Check out this post on College Fashion for 5 ways to sport your favorite regular T shirt and still be fashionable!!

Super Easy Mini Doily Earrings Tutorial

I found an awesome find at the thrift store (my absolute favorite place to be outside of the craft store). You would be surprised how many craft supplies you can get there mega cheap. I get fabric all the time! I lucked out on this last trip and got a ton of polymer clay at […]

Craft Book Giveaway – Pewter Plus by Sandy Griffeths

I figure it’s time I finally do a giveaway to try and network and get to know some fellow bloggers. I am hosting a giveaway for this book, Pewter Plus, by Sandy Griffeths. Check out rafflecopter here for more info on how to enter! The contest will run from 4/3/12 to 4/12/12. Thanks for checking […]

Free Kindle eBook – Fact. Fact. Bullshit plus Cakemixes eBook

As per usual… make sure the book is still free as prices are constantly changing! Fact. Fact. Bullsh*t!: Learn the Truth and Spot the Lie on Everything from Tequila-Made Diamonds to Tetris’s Soviet Roots – Plus Tons of Other Totally Random Facts from Science, History and Beyond! [Kindle Edition] Digital List Price: $13.95  Print List […]

Eyeliner 101

Allie Darum (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Imani over at College Fashion has a great beauty series. I don’t know about you, but I have ALWAYS struggled with eyeliner. I have shaky hands to begin with, which just doesn’t help make precise lines. I stumbled upon her eyeliner 101 tutorial today and thought I’d share the wealth. […]