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7 Easy Home Decor Makeover Ideas

Not just about all decorating tasks need to cost a lot of money or require a huge amount or re-decorating. You can certainly bring the useless, boring space back to life again. In case your home decor is starting to appear just a little “frazzled”, here are 7 ideas to provide your living space a […]

Glass pendants/magnets I made while learning Mod Podge

So I decided to learn another new hobbying skill– decoupage. What fun! Oh, the possibilities! I am newly obsessed with Mod Podge (or Modge Podge as I like to call it, haha). I started off with fairly easy projects, and here are the fruits of my efforts. I made magnets with magazine cutouts and basic […]

What I’m Selling on Ebay – Supplies!

Crop Roation for Vegetable Gardening

Image via WikipediaMany people get lost when it comes to crop rotation, or just plain have no idea why they need to go through this effort during vegetable garden maintenance. Crop rotation is important as it discourages the buildup of pests and diseases that occur when planting the same plants are in a same location […]

Growing Onions

Image via Wikipedia Growing Onions Onions are grown from small bulbs. As untreated onion sets could flower prematurely, your best option would be to buy heat treated sets. Plant onions in mid-spring. Worker soil down to a fine tilth. Add some organic compost from your kitchen composter or at least some fertilizer. Drill holes in […]