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Crochet and You – An Introduction to Crochet

CROCHET AND YOUAn Introduction to Crochet Crochet is a wonderful thing. There is nothing like sitting down with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and taking something as simple as yarn and weaving it into something wonderful. That makes you a creator. You are basically turning a very long strand of fiber […]

BBQ Veggies

Just gathering some ideas for veggies on the grill: ASPARAGUS Grilled Asparagus – Crispy not mushy! Prosciuitto-Wrapped Asparagus BRUSSEL SPROUTS Grilled Brussel Sprouts CABBAGE Grilled Cabbage CORN Southwest Corn on the Cob EGGPLANT Grilled Eggplant – Breaded Grilled Eggplant Parmesan JICAMA Jicama Slaw – Great on burgers MIXED VEGGIES Veggie Ribbons – Zucchini and Squash […]

Healthy Skin Guide – Antiaging Skin Care

People can often tell a lot about our health by our skin. We get bags when we’re sleep deprived or stressed, for example. Skin is the largest organ of your body and we all want healthy looking skin, whether it be for cosmetic reasons or other health reasons. Taking good care of your skin helps […]

Creating A Healthy Diet for Children – Part 2

Image by marie-ll via FlickrStep 4 Get in the habit of eating regular family meals together. Family meals can give an opportunity for the family to catch up and talk, as well as providing role models to the children for healthy eating. If your child turns his nose up at the prospect of family meals, try allowing […]

Creating A Healthy Diet for Children – Part 1

Image by marie-ll via Flickr Teaching your child to follow a nutritious diet at a young age will help build healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime. Your child’s needs will change as they grow. The American Heart Association has a chart of dietary recommendations for children ages 1 to 18 (see Resources). It […]

How to Make Soft Tacos

Want to know how to cook a soft taco? Soft tacos are just as delicious as hard tacos, and can even be eaten as a small burrito if you prefer. You can use them for a quick lunch by making a burrito and freezing it until you are ready to nuke it up at work! […]