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Mashed Turnips!?

I was eating thanksgiving dinner with family last year and was eating some sort of mashed vegetable that was yellow-ish and delicious! I found out they were turnips. I had never had them before (that I am aware of) and I thought they were delicious. They are high in vitamin C as well! The smallest […]

Dr. Andrew Weil Rocks!

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Weil, you should definitely check him out. He is an MD who focuses on a more holistic approach to being healthy. He advises you about vitamins, healthy eating (anti-inflammatory) and a plethora of other lifestyle issues. I personally have listened to his guided imagery and breathing audio tapes, and […]

How To Clean A Comb/Brush

I don’t know about you, but I tease my hair and always end up with dried up hairspray on my comb. It’s a specialty comb so I don’t want to just keep buying new ones as I had always done before. A few tips passed down to me to try: 1. Take 2 brushes/combs and […]

True Blood Releases

It’s coming! May 19, 2009 the first Season will be out on DVD! I can’t wait. Nothing like pausing and recaping all those juicy scenes we love so much. The newest Charlaine Harris book will come shortly before that, on May 5, 2009. I’ve already pre-ordered mine! *drool* Check out my Etsy Shop!

It’s that time again… Spring cleaning

The time we all (at least I know I do) love to dread! Here is a good site for 10 spring cleaning tips. So get those mops, rubber gloves, srubbers, and all the other cleaning goodies that are stowed away and covered in dust mites! (Yay) Check out my Etsy Shop!

Best Homemade Icing EVER!!

Image via Wikipedia I wanted to make a cake and the best homemade chocolate icing from scratch and although I haven’t come across any cake recipes that are worth drooling over, I came across an easy-to-do delicious homemade icing recipe. Super easy to make and very yummy! What You Need: 5 1/3 tablespoons soft butter […]

buttons Buttons BUTTONS

I guess it is all the new rage lately! I am seeing tons of crafts and articles featuring these cute, useful embellishments. Here is a way to doll them up some. Check out my Etsy Shop!

I Wanna Do Real Bad Things With You

A new age vampire soap opera! SPOILER ALERT! Okay, I am totally, completely and irrevocably addicted to HBO’s new series True Blood. It is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series written by Charlaine Harris. The show starts off by introducing Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic barmaid working at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill and […]

One Skein Patterns (Crochet)

Feeling a little ADD? Here are some quick projects to get your mojo movin! These projects make great and easy products for selling for a home business or at a craft fair! Beaded Headband Earring Holder  Pink Ice Beaded Headband and Wristcuffs Quick and Easy Beaded Coaster  Summer Beaded Choker Super Thick Potholder V-stitch Headband […]

V-Stitch Headband {free crochet pattern}

V-Stitch Headband [Ravel-It!] Difficulty: Easy Materials: Small amount of WW cotton (2 oz. or less), H Hook, approximately 26 6mm beads Note: You can add or subtract from the beginning chain to make it longer or shorter, as long as it is a multiple of 3. I made the chain, then sl st it together […]