Archives for January 2009

A Workspace for Me!!

I FINALLY cleaned out our spare bedroom (it’s only been waiting to be done for over a year), and so I decided to make a dedicated crafting spot. I am so excited!! I have an L-shaped desk so I have plenty of space to spread stuff out. I have all of my craft books on […]

Crochet Earring Holder {free crochet pattern}

Crochet Earring Holder [Ravel-It!] If you are like me, you would then have a very large amount of earrings. I wanted to keep my most frequently worn ones out in eyes sight for easy access, but I didn’t like the projects I saw where you buy mesh wire and place it in a picture frame, […]

Dust Off That Old Cake Stand!

Gotta love ol Martha! The things she comes up with, geez. I am gonna put mine to use, at least get some use out of it for the money I paid! Store some of those herbs and sprays that are cluttering up my stove and counter, mmhmm! Check out my Etsy Shop!

The Last Knit

I LOVE this video… fellow knitters/crocheters are sure to relate! haha. Check out my Etsy Shop!

Mmm Homemade Pasta!

My mom got me a pasta maker and I finally got around to trying it. It is manual, and man did I get a lil workout pumping out that dough! I made a batch of wheat pasta, and it looks delicious, but I didn’t think to take a pic of it till after I froze […]

Granny’s One Hour Solution

Image by Chiot’s Run via FlickrI thought I’d post something useful today, as I have no major projects going, though I am working on a gift for my mother *yay* Granny’s One Hour Solution (Or the secret to being better organized) By Jackie Carson If you can find just one hour in your busy schedule […]