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NIN Coffee Cozy {free Knitting Pattern}

The hubby loves NIN, so I designed this for him. This was made for a cup that is 8.75 inches around and does not increase in size (straight up and down). This was my first encounter with graphs and Intarsia, but I absolutely love it. I now have much more respect for those who do […]

Check out my Etsy Shop!

Check out my Etsy Shop!

Check out my Etsy Shop!

Check out my Etsy Shop!

Let It Snow Card

It’s kind of hard to tell but the bottom line is ribbon =) Check out my Etsy Shop!

Made Some Christmas Cards!

Figured I’d get them done early-ish so that people wouldn’t receive them just in time to throw them away! Check out my Etsy Shop!

How To Frost A Double Layer Cake

Well most people probably already know how to do this, but I just did my first one and thought I’d write ‘er up for those of us who are not a baking extraordinaire! 🙂 Check out this best homemade icing ever recipe! 1. Bake the cake in 2 round trays and let cool (I made […]

Fudge… Take 2

Ok, so I really am a baking n00b. I went to throw away that first batch of fudge, and thought to myself “Hmm this is almost perfect texture for truffles so why waste it!?” So I decided to melt some peanutbutter chips for the candy shell. When I went to dip the truffle ball into […]

Fudge… Take 1

So I have never made fudge before and I decided I wanted to make it because 1.) I love it and 2.) I want to make it for a friend’s potluck, with Christmas cookie cutter shapes and decorated all nice and cute!~ Well I found this recipe and it seemed too good to be true… […]