Archives for June 2008

Yet another card

My wrist is getting better, and I start physical therapy next month so, should I jinx it and try my hand at knitting/crocheting? I am dying to, that’s for sure! Anywho, here is yet another card… A Valentine’s Day card. (I know what you’re thinking, it’s June! but I was going through my scrapbooking stash […]

My Second Card Attempt

Nothing too fancy, but am playing with different ways of adding words/letters. Stamping isn’t working well for me (I have no idea why, it just comes out all blotchy), so I made another birthday card. Stay tuned for more (and hopefully better) cards… Check out my Etsy Shop!

My First Baby

So, since I’ve been scouting for crafts to do I decided to break out the ol’ scrapbooking stuff. I wasn’t really in the mood to scrapbook pictures though, and decided to try my hand at card making. I went out and got some card stock and this is my first baby. It was inspired by […]

Finally there *pant*

Well I finally got around to manually moving and re-dating all of my old posts… Boy was that a pain. Between work and my wrist injury, I haven’t been able to do much crafting, very much to my dismay. Last night, however, I started a new pattern that I thought was super cute. I just […]