Archives for March 2008

Bloomin’ Bag Dispenser {free knitting pattern}

  Bloomin Bag Dispenser [Ravel-It!] This pattern was done with a combination of crochet and knitting (mainly knitting) so you could substitute the crocheted parts for knitting if you prefer. I was plain and did mine in all green to match my kitchen, but you could do stripes or whatever to spruce it up. Want […]

A New Beginning

Well, I can’t seem to figure out how to upgrade my old blog, so I am starting fresh. Still not sure if I should post my patterns here as well, but we will worry about this later I surmise. Testing, testing 1, 2, 3! =) Check out my Etsy Shop!

Oreo Truffle Goodness

  I meant to add this sooner, but I made some absolutely delish Oreo Truffles for Valentine’s Day. They are very rich, but oh so good! Who knew cooking could be so fun!?!

It’s not hip to be square

So I’m trying to learn to knit and finding it much harder than crochet. I completely self-taught crochet, but think I’m gonna have to take a class for some more advanced knitting techniques. Anyway, after many scarves and dishcloths, I decided I was ready to expand my capabilities!! I tried a kerchief from the Stitch […]