14 Ways To Make Your Home As Fun As Possible

Our homes are many things, but when it comes to improving our humble abodes, fun isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind. Instead, we tend to take care of the matters that are more functional, or the things that need to be fixed in order to maintain the minimum standards of our home. But what if, rather than taking care of the boring details, we put the effort into making our homes more fun? Whatever your budget is and whatever your style is, there’ll be a way for you to add a touch of the fun to your home. Take a look at some of the ideas we outline below and get to work!


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Mixing Up The Stairs


If you’ve got more than one floor, then stairs are just a fact of your home. Or do they have to be ‘just a fact’? There’s more potential in those steps than you might think, and in fact, you can make them quite fun if you think outside the box a little! For example, you can transform your stairs so that there’s storage underneath them, or you can turn them into a bookcase. Your books stored on your stairs? Who’d have thought! If you’re of an even more ambitious bent, then you can add a hammock over your wide space at the top and create a new relaxing spot, or you can add a slide to one side and get down in style.


Everyday Fun


There are some things you need to have in your homes, such as doors and tables. But where most people see the essentials of a home, you’ll see opportunity! For one of your doorways, why not add a ping pong door? This will look like a regular door, but then you’ll flip it vertically, and you’ll have a makeshift ping pong table! If you like this idea, then you’ll also enjoy having a table that retracts to reveal a pool table. In a home, even the everyday items can be turned into fun.


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In the Garden


Of all the spaces on your property, none have as much potential as the garden. There are certain requirements for your home: the garden is a blank canvas, with which you can do whatever you want! If you’re a keen swimmer, why not do it in your own home? Look at wholesale pool equipment, and you’ll be able to add your very own swimming pool in your garden. This will be perfect for those long, warm summer days, adding bags of fun and character to your property at the same time, and it’ll even increase its value, too.


Backyard Cinema


And after a day of lounging in your garden and swimming into your pool, what could be better than relaxing with friends and family in your garden and watching a film? Adding a backyard cinema isn’t as difficult as you might think. All you need is a large screen, a projector, sound system, and some comfortable seating, and hey presto, you have the best way to spend a summer’s evening. Gather your friends and family, choose a film, and spent your time unwinding with classic film after classic film once the sun sets.


Color Schemes


Let me ask you this: how do you see the world? Many homes tend to fall into the same predictable color schemes, but there’s no obvious reason why it should be this way. If you have a bright personality, then get your paint brush and transform your home to a color that is more fitting with you are. Of course, there are a couple of considerations. You’ll want to ensure you’re not hurting your home value too much, and also that you’re compliant with any local laws. If you can get around these two, then paint your home as you wish and let who you are burst forth!


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Cozy Reading Rooms


We’ve taken care of summer fun with the swimming pool and outdoor cinema, but what about the colder seasons? This is when we’re all snuggled up inside, so let’s make sure you have a place worthy of the deep comforts of sweater season. Create a cozy reading nook, and you’ll be able to spend long hours curled up with a good book. You can create a space wherever you want, be it a windowsill or underneath the stairs. If you have the room, dedicate a whole room to reading. Books lined up on the walls, a comfortable, pillow-laden space on the floor? Sounds perfect to us!


The Man Cave


If you take care of the all details just right, then the man cave will comfortably be the best room in your home. This is a space where your passions and relaxation meet to create a space that is truly your own. There’s a lot of potential here, so begin by looking at your passions and seeing how you can incorporate them into a room. Some people create awesome video game rooms that allow them to sink in for hours and hours of place; others create a varied room of fun with pool tables and the like. Comic book themed room? Gentleman’s parlor room? Get creative, and you’ll have a space you’ll never want to leave!


Creative Rooms for Children


Children are pretty imaginative, to begin with, and most can just let their mind do the work. But if you’re intent on making your home as fun as possible, then you can’t forget about them! Making a home fun for children is all about getting as creative as possible. You can transform their room into a wonderland from another country, in which they can play for hours upon hours. Use lights, props, and anything else you can get your hands on to create the space: your children will do the rest!


Television Free Zones


It might seem odd to try to create a fun space by having rooms that don’t have televisions but hear us out. If you dedicate one of your living spaces to be a room where normal entertainment – such as TV and the internet – don’t exist, you’ll be promoting a new kind of fun. Instead of watching the box, you might come up with stories, play board games, or anything else that is a natural side effect of letting your mind wander.


Sound Systems


What is life, without music? If you want your home to be fun, you need to have the sound systems in place that’ll allow you to play music and dance around your home! It’s not all that difficult to set up speakers in rooms across your home. Select a track that’ll get everyone in the household up and moving and start your day in the best way possible. In the evenings, you’ll be able to create the right ambiance throughout your home.


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For the Pets


Your pets are also a part of the family, so don’t forget about them! Your dog might be pretty easy to please, but they’ll sure appreciate having their own corner of the garage, where they have all their favorite toys and games. Cats are a little bit fussier than dogs, so you might have to do a little bit more to let them have fun. Setting up an extensive ‘cat pipeline’ around your home will allow them to explore new spaces without you worrying that they might find themselves somewhere awkward.


A Home Gym


OK, so having a home gym isn’t so much about having fun, but it will allow you have a better experience than actually going to the gym. You’ll no longer need to have to choose between your headphones or listening to the terrible music they tend to play gyms. Instead, you’ll have complete control! Set up a gym with an entertainment system that includes speakers and a screen and you’ll be able to work out to whatever you want.




A treehouse might sound like a child’s dream, but they can also offer a lot for adults. If you’re creative, then there’s nowhere better to do your creating that up in the trees, in a treehouse that is minimalist and rustic. Alternatively, you could build a treehouse and then have it as a guest room. People will love to come stay at your home if they get to stay in a treehouse, and when it’s not being used you can also list on places like Airbnb and bring in some extra cash (with which to do more fun projects!).


Bar Room


Having your own bar in your home isn’t as wildly optimistic as it sounds. You can even create your own bar! Load it up with all the essential spirits, add a fridge to keep the beer chilled, and you’ll have space where you can unwind with friends and family. It’s much more enjoyable to have a bar onsite rather than heading out to the busy bars, and there’s no reason to have a designated driver. Add a dart board and other bar games, and you’ll have the hottest joint in town.


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